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Investing in Timeless Winter Coats: A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Updated: Feb 9

Coat season is probably your favourite season if you live in a cold climate. Not necessarily for the love of cold weather but for the fact that you get to wear some of the most pricey pieces that take up a lot of space in your wardrobe. Therefore, I have put together a guide to help you make the right choice when investing in timeless winter coats that never go out of style such as fit for purpose, silhouette, colour and quality just to mention a few.

Winter coats are a necessity for cold climates, which means you will keep going back to them year after year and considering that coats make up a large part of your wardrobe (well, mine they take up so much space lol) and probably are some of the pricey pieces you will have, these are some aspects to take into account before buying one:

1. Investing in Timeless Winter Coats: Timeless Silhouettes

A classy piece is always a good investment, forget the trends. Look for styles such as trench coats or long overcoats which tend to remain styling winter after winter. These are statement coats. Statement coats are a staple and will always leave your style game on point.

2. Colour

Rember your winters coats will be on rotation, you wear them up and up about and on public transport. You will probably hang them in a resturant cloakroom on a day out.

Choose colours that are easy to wash as you do not want to keep going to the dry cleaners, think black, grey, caramel or navy blue.

3. Quality

Timeless means long-term. The coat you are investing in needs to be of good quality to take you from winter to winter. Opt for high-end quality fabric such as wool or cashmere or a blend that exudes a polished look.

4. Comfort and Fit for Purpose

The goal is to keep warm. Consider practical features like warmth, pockets and comfortable lining. Fur coats provide the ultimate comfort and warmth, they are also verstile meaning can be worn day or night.

5. Versatility

If you are going to invest in a timeless piece, you should have multiple styling options. You should see yourself wearing it to formal and casual settings. This way you get the most out of cost per wear.

Keep in mind that investing in a timeless winter coats means choosing pieces that survice trends, serve as staples in your wradrobe for years to come. I hope this guide has been helpful and you will make informed choices before purchasing winter.


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