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About Me




My name is Carolyne, am a fashion and style, food and DIY content creator based in London, UK. If am being honest with myself, am more passionate about fashion and style and so you will see more of this content here.

I was born and grew up in Malawi. I came to the UK as a university student and have since settled and married here. Africa is and will always be home and close to my heart.

This is might be a bit obvious but I love shopping and styling clothes from my clothes.

My Blogging

I embarked on my blogging journey in July 2019, I had been on a mini career break moving between jobs. As far as I can remember being a young girl in Malawi, I love styling clothes and asking my younger brother to take pictures of me. This mini break in 2019 gave me the opportunity to take my love for fashion and style as a serious hobby. I love exploring and trying new food recipes and at the time, I was planning my wedding, indulged and discovered my love for DIY. That is how fashion and style, food and DIY content creation came about. I do this as a part-time hobby, juggling content creation before and after work and at the weekends, its time consuming but I love it.

What Exactly Do I Do?

I share fashion and style tips/inspiration on this blog, via Instagram and Youtube. I take pictures of myself wearing nice clothese and sharing tips on how to style them, sometimes I just pose beautifully :). I am more inclined to versatile styling, I find joy in clothes that I can wear different ways in different settings. So if you are looking to make the most of your closet or maximum cost per wear, this is this place for you. I also share pieces that am loving at a specific time and link the pieces for you should you wish to buy and own similar pieces. I do not have a specific go-to style, but I will say my style portraits confidence, simplicity, elegance, feminine and modest when my good girl traits kick in. I share food recipes and DIY inspiration here on the blog

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