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How To Dress For A Wedding As A Guest: Do's & Dont's

It's almost summer in the UK, calendars are about to get busy attending one party or function after another and weddings are at the top of the list. Wearing the right outfit makes all the difference

Love is a beautiful thing and so are weddings. An occasion to celebrate love found for one another with family and friends and for the family and friends to have a fabulous time at a party they did not pay for. I love weddings, after officiation and close to tearing up as the bride walks down the aisle, point me in the direction of the food, drinks, and the DJ, that's where it's at. That is where I want to retire for the rest of the paaaarrrrtyyy.

But first of all, some tips to help you dress appropriately and look your best self at this gathering. Here is how to dress for a wedding as a guest: the do's and dont's.

1. Check the dress code: It is important to check the dress code specified by the couple as it will give you an idea of what type of outfit is expected. You do not want to show up under or overdressed because you missed the memo. Majority of wedding invitations have a dress code, if unsure, it's best to ask the couple or inviter.

2. White? NO: As a general rule of thumb, do not wear a white outfit unless specified by the couple. This is because the colour white is traditionally reserved for the bride, it's the bride's day to shine let her have the white :).

wedding dress, wedding dress etiquette, weddings
White is traditionally reserved for the bride

3. Dress for the season: I prefer summer weddings, they are fun. No one is gloomy at the freezing weather like the winter months. Summer weddings are usually colourful so choose lighter fabrics and brighter colours, pastel/light pink is usually a favourite amongst guests. If it's a winter wedding, opt for warmer fabrics and darker colour palette.

aso ebi, nigerian lace outfit, nigerian wedding, summer wedding outfits, gele headgear, african weddings
The theme was lilac, such a great summer colour.

4. Wear comfortable shoes: Uncomfortable shoes (tight or new heels) are not your friend. Weddings often involve a lot of standing and dancing, so it's important to wear comfortable shoes that you can move in. Although majority of us will leave the wedding venue in a limping-like manner we want to slay LOL. Some couples are kind enough to provide spare flip flops for when you want to get it down on the dance floor.

5. Look up the venue and time of ceremony: Consider the location and time of day of the wedding. If it's a daytime wedding, you can opt for lighter fabrics and more casual styles. If it's an evening wedding, you may want to dress up a bit more.

Nigerian wedding outfit, igbo wedding, wedding outfit, nigeria, aso ebi
Know your location, this is me attending a wedding in a Nigerian village. You see my footwear? I could not survive in my heels with the sand

If the location looks like a garden, you may also want to consider wearing the right shoes that do not dig into the soil, check out these heel protectors from AMAZON.

6. Don't overdo the accessories: It's important to accessorise your outfit, but don't go overboard as this is not the day you want eyes fixated on you. Keep it simple and elegant. However, this may not necessarily apply if the culture acceptss extravagant accessorising.

7. Respect cultural and religious traditions: If the wedding you're attending is in a different culture or religion, be sure to do your research and dress appropriately to show respect. If ever in doubt, there is no harm in asking the couple on what would be appropriate. You are very likely not to have a good time if your dressing is inappropriate as you will feel out of place and uncomfortable. This last tip is very important for the church ceremony, I have seen people being asked to cover-up. Always consider the possibility of wearing a scarf or blazer to cover up if your top outfit is too exposed.

Watch my YouTube video here where I get into more detail on this and share some outfit inspiration.

Ladies, those are my tips on how to dress for a wedding as a guest. I hope you found it help, please subscribe to my mailing list not to miss out on my next post and share with friends.


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