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Toast to Savings: How to Score Discounts on Luxury Champagne This Christmas

Tis the season... bubbles will be bubbling, glasses will be clinking. Holes in your pockets? not some much I hope.

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A beautifully set and decorated Christmas table

The festive period is here, well it arrived in November but I like to give it a few weeks before it kicks in. Soon we will find ourselves home bound hosting family and friends- what are you serving? perhaps joining as a guest- what are you drinking? or maybe you are having a self care night in- what's you drink of choice? Whatever it may be, hands won't be empty and that's for sure. Champagne is always my choice of drink, if you catch me where there in champagne, am drinking that.

However, the economy is just not great right now and in this blog I will let you in on how to store discounts on luxury champagne this Christmas so you can wow your guests and execute a luxe experience with you family and friends. Moët being my favourite of all times, keep reading to learn where you can grab yourself a bottle for £27 in the UK... yup you heard me right. This post focuses on champagne but the tips are applicable to alcoholic drinks.

 Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial luxury champagne
Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial which retails at £43

Moët is an iconic champagne from the region of Champagne in France. It's perfect for parties, gifting or the occasional luxe wind down giving any celebration big or small a sense of style. Best served very chilled in a flute.

1. How to Score Discounts on Luxury Champagne This Christmas: Look Out For Online Deals

online shopping, online payment, convenient shopping, save this Christmas
It's easier to compare the best deals online

Money is tight for everyone and if shopping around is not a skill you have not mastered then I suggest you start now. You will be surprised the amount of times an item is being sold full price in one shop and at a discounted rate in another. This normally happens when a brand in on a pricing promotion that is being rolled out in different stores at different times. This is the easiest way to score discounts on luxury champagne this Chiristmas from the comfort of your home without having to go out to the shops, you are bound to find at least one retailer selling it cheaper.

2. How to Score Discounts on Luxury Champagne This Christmas: Get A Loyalty Card

royalty card, money savings, money supermarket
Save money with a loyalty card

Having a loyalty card is essential to scoring discounts on luxury champagne this Christmas. Most retailers will offer exclusive discounted prices for loyalty card members. For examples, Tesco is running a Moët deal at a reduce price of £36 for its club card members. As far as am aware, loyalty cards are free.

3. How to Score Discounts on Luxury Champagne This Christmas: Buy in Bulk

saving on champagne, festive drinks, Moët, lanson, bubbly
A bottle of champagne for £27

I have noticed that towards or during major holidays such as Christmas, most grocery retailers will offer discounts if you buy a certain amount of alcohol bottles. For example, last year Waitrose was offersing 25% off any 6 bottles of selected alcohol including champagne. The Moët flew off the self. Here is the £27 per bottle deal - a bottle for £36 and then 25% off if you buy 6 bottles of wine including champs. This deals is currently running in Sainsbury's, Asda, and Tesco (Nov 2023).

4. How to Score Discounts on Luxury Champagne This Christmas: Split The Cost With A Friend

two glasses of champagne, save costs, Christmas champagne
Champagne - perfect for sharing.

Tip number 3 sounds expensive right? what if you do not need or cannot afford the 6 bottles? perhaps 2 bottles are enough? well. if you have like minded friends or can convince them to split the bottles then you are in luck. I recently just split the 6 bottles with my sister- a win is a win. When you see me popping a bottle this Christmas, it cost me £27 and that's something to drink to. Cheers.

With prices of goods skyrocketing, any amount of saving makes a huge difference and these tips will help you celebrate the festivities in style. In summary, consider looking out for online deals, signing up to a loyalty card, buying in bulk and splitting the cost with family and friends.

Let me know which of these tips you can relate to or will look out for.

Drink responsibly and Happy Holidays.


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