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Do You Clean Your Tongue?

Yes, I do. That is probably what anyone will answer if asked this question and I bet as you are reading this post you are like 'yeah I clean my tongue'. Here is the tricky question, with what? what do you clean it with?

By the way, in all honesty, I have never been to the dentist, never felt the need to but planning do so soon. Growing up, I was kinda raised in the sense of 'if it's not broken, why fix it' so I had no reason to go for a check up.

Answer to my question up there- if you were like me 6 months ago you will say toothbrush, that's right and it's a normal way to clean your mouth and the build up on your tongue. I have, however, recently discovered that it is not the most effective way of cleaning your tongue as the toothbrush does not reach all the corners of your tongue comfortably. I also learnt that 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue so you might want to keep that tongue clean- can you imagine what your tongue goes through?

So am sharing with you what I have bought, tested, now using and it is working for me.

A tongue scraper- instead of brushing scrap the tongue of all the build up from food and drink consumption.

1. Reaches areas of your tongue your toothbrush cannot reach comfortably.
2. Reduces bad breath.
3. May reduce the build up of bacteria on the tongue - if you scrap regularly.
4. Helps tongue feel fresher.
5. Confidently take a 'tongue-out' selfie :).

I have made a habit of scraping my tongue at least once a day.

Tongue scraping is not a substitute for brushing your teeth.

Here are a few picks from amazon. (*Affiliate Links*)

Happy Scraping


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