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Autumn has been great, it's an opportunity to slowly turn your wardrobe around and have fun with a refresh while packing away key summer pieces or restyling them for the cooler months. In this blog post, am sharing with you my autumn staples - I honestly believe all the pieces I will talk about are wardrobe essentials for every girl's wardrobe, however, you may have a slightly different taste to mine so maybe 1 or 2 might be a miss for you. If this is a case, I hope you can find this post helpful with the pieces you relate the most to. These are strictly autumnal inspired and can be easily style with everyday wardrobe essentials. As we are already in November and will soon enter the winter phase, these are great winter foundation pieces too - the secret is in layering.

Matric All black outfit inspiration

Autumn is an opportunity to layer up, it's probably my favorite season when it comes to dressing up minus the chilled weather and if you are in the UK - the constant drizzle.

“These are strictly autumnal inspired and can be easily style with everyday wardrobe essentials.”

I may earn a commission if you make a purchase off the linked items. Your support is appreciated.

1. Knitted Jumper

simple knit jumper

Tops the list of my autumn/winter wardrobe, style on it on a chilled autumn day or add a coat during the winter months.

Here is a collection of knitted jumpers I have curated for you.

2. Trench Coat

classic trench coat

A classic, timeless. This is the type of piece of clothing that is very on trendy. A trench coat is so versatile, so before you buy it keep in mind that this is a piece you can wear all year round especially if you live in a cold climate like the UK, except for the summer months, expect to have this piece on rotation. It is a transitioning piece, so think spring and autumn. Think winter if you want to maximize its potential, this would mean layering with knits. With that in mind, always buy at least 2 sizes up so you are not restricted when it comes to layering.

3. Leather Boots

chelsea leather  ankle boots

A no brainer for autumn/winter. I personally, feel the coldest on my feet so a pair, 2 or 5 more is a must for me. I adore ankle boots, block heels and Chelsea style for comfort. And of course, over-the-knee boots just give every look some sass.

4. Leather Jacket

lamb leather jacket

Can be styled throughout the year, but I prefer it when its slightly chilly outside. It's definitely a wardrobe essential of mine, very stylish and effortless. It's always about quality not quantity so if you can afford it invest in some quality real leather.

5. Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Zara long sleeve midi dress

Very versatile, can be worn anytime of the year if the material is light. I love it in the autumn because it gives you that minimal warmth with the sleeves. These can be paired with pretty much anything, when it comes to autumn may I suggest going for animal prints, warm florals and of course black/neutral colours are always safer options.

Happy Styling


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