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Transform and Revive Your Garments: Philips Fabric Shaver Review

If you love your garments as much as I do, then you will agree that when they start to look old and very worn it can be frustrating and annoying. Most of us will resort to throwing or giving away our favourite pieces that look distressed. Garments that are worn, their fabrics will normally start to pill off and form bobbles – tiny rolled balls that stay on the garment. It’s not a good look. So am excited to share with you a solution to this. All you need is a Fabric Shaver – to shave off those tiny pieces of nuance.

The shaver makes a massive difference. It took me about 45 minutes to shave a adult size coat – I was aiming for good results so I took my time.

I stumbled upon this find on Amazon in search for a lint shaver. Straight to the point, this device will transform your garments from old to almost new and fresh. Let’s be honest, it won’t make you garments look like they are completely new but the difference it makes cannot be missed.

It comes in a nice little box. You can choose from a range of colours on Amazon. It comes with AA++ batteries, a cleaning brush and an instructions manual. There is three levels of shaving to it depending on the garments you are working with.

As you can see from the above picture of a scarf, A is shaved and B is not shaved. There are no bobbles vissible in A.

So far, this product does the job. I will be holding on to more of my knit wear and wool coats rather than giving them away. I also like the fact that the batteries last longer too. I have used in on 5 garments already and they are still strong and running.

**Kindly note that all the links to the product on this post are affilliate, meaning if you purchase via these links I will get a commission. Buying through such links is a good way of supporting me if you like the content I share on this blog. Thank you**

You can also watch my YouTube review here.

Enjoy fabric shaving.


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