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Sunday Best: Church Wear

Coming from a christian background, Roman Catholic to be exact, church is a big part of our christian life. Although, these days life seems to be getting in the way, church is how many identify their christianity.

Back in the day [born and bred in Malawi] my siblings and I usually had breakfast in the car on our way to church. There was no excuse for not attending church. Being young and naive, after offering we would disappear while Mass was in session to play outside in our little princess dresses and white shoes that never seemed to be the correct size [ This was our Sunday Best, we had to walk carefully in the shoes so they did not come off- “you will grow in them”- so the saying went and we did].

These days when I go to Mass, I sometimes get distracted [Lord knows am human] wondering –why would someone wear that to church?-. Most of the times, the clothing is revealing. I am not saying people should not wear revealing clothing, NO, I myself do a bit of exposé every now and again. I am talking about church, the house of the Lord. There is need to respect God and his house. Also, you do not want to be a distraction to other church goers [like me lol].

I lived London, Lilongwe [the capital city of Malawi] and Mulanje [south of Malawi and my home village]. I go to church in all these areas and although what I wear may look different in the fashion sense, my clothes scream RESPECTABLE woman.

Sometime back, on one beautiful Sunday, our London church priest had to voice out his concerns. He urged that what we wear to church must respect the house of worship. No doubt something prompted him to talk about dress code. There was a time a lady wore cycling gear, shorts to be specific [I saw her during communion, don’t ask why my eyes were in her direction lol – eyes are meant to see things]. I was really puzzled about it, am sure she had her reasons, valid or not, its just not what one should wear to church IN MY OPINION and I believe a lot christians would agree with me.

I for one adapt to what women wear in church in the different areas I live. For example, when I go to my village, the norm is that women wear a chitenje [also known as kitenge] around their waist. It is not a must to wear a chitenje so if I am wearing a boom a** long skirt I do not want to cover with a chitenje, I do not wear a chitenje. I also wear long or half sleeve top with no or minimal cleavage. In Lilongwe, I can actually wear a descent tailored trouser or skirt below the knee thats not too tight and of course no or minimal cleavage top. London can be forgiving [lol I mean cycling gear is someone’s Sunday Best].

To all men and women, please wear something respectable. It speaks volumes in church. Basically, COVER UP..

All this, is to respect your place of worship and not leave assumptions on people’s lips. Some people will even say “that woman’s dressing is so revealing she wants the priest to be looking at her all the time” lol – am sure not – but people have no chill they will talk till sundown. So let us leave room for all these assumptions outside the church, they matter less there.

Please share your thoughts on this in comment section below. Thank you!

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