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Styling African Print for Everyday

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

African prints are nothing to shy away from. These beautiful prints, so rich in culture should not be restricted to African events, summer away days or Sunday best.

Be Bold and incorporate them in your everyday. Did you say the office? corporate events? high street fashion? yes of course.

  1. Add a blazer to you African print outfit.

Perfect for the workplace and it instantly elevates to a smart chic look. An Edit blazer below makes the perfect pairing when cinched at the waist.

Shop the blazer edit below

2. A classic trench coat on a chilly day

African print materials are not very warm and are not perfect if the style is very ambitious (as I like to call it), so why not add a trench on a chilly spring/summer day.

3. A fitted top to hide an inconvenient cleavage

Sometimes we ask the tailors/seamstress to sew an Africa print with a massive cleavage because why not. Then we realise that the outfit is not suitable for everyday and you are not maximising your wear on such beautiful prints.Tip: wear a turtleneck or nice fitted top underneath your print outfit. Go for a colour that compliments the African print. The add a statement necklace to take it up a notch and voila we are ready to meet the INLAWS, go to WORK, CHURCH and ANYWHERE without making your babies the centre of attention. And of course keep the nosy mums and aunties away

4. Pair with smart trousers

If you are fortunate to have an African print shirt or long sleeve, pair it with smart pants for an office look. I highly recommend high waist pants for a feminine silhouette.

What is your favourite style option?

Stay stylish



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