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Styling a White Dress – 3 simple rules

If you do not wear white often, styling a white dress can be daunting and I do not mean picking a pair of black shoes and off you go. White is a canvas and I believe colours should not be an option but a must when wearing a white dress. When it come to white dresses, I like to go all white or make it pop (colour wise).

Here are my simple rules to styling a white dress that will leave you feeling confident and loving this colour.


When it comes to white clothing, comfort is key. In a nutshell, getting the perfect fit is everything. When wearing white, its easy to tell when an outfit is distressed. Therefore, if you are going for a fitted style, make sure there is a little bit more room to manoeuvre otherwise people can easily see how tight the outfit is. If you are not wearing the right undergarments, it can also be too revealing; compared to black, white is not so forgiving. I normally wear between a UK size 12 and 14 – I always buy white in a size 14 if it is a fitting style.

SHOP THIS LOOK Wearing a less fitted summer shirt dress in a UK size 12.


It’s fair to say that simple styling is more or less subjective but as they say less is more. A white dress does not need much. During the summer months I will add a high waist belt if need be and only opting for a blazer/jacket if it gets chilly in the evening. Never intentionally style a white dress with a belt and a jacket at the same time – pick one. Similarly, in the winter I wear my tights and put on a jacket and am done. Adding too many clothing/accessory items to a white dress takes aways an effortless look.


Am going to say this again, less is more. Even though white is the ultimate canvas – I believe it should not be styled with more than 3 colours including white itself (2 colours are also perfectly fine as style in above with a blue blazer). There are no restrictions as to the colours that go with white, I believe any colour can be pulled off with a white dress. I would recommend that whatever the other two colours are – let the colours compliment each other. For example, in the image above I paired the white dress with blue shoes, a red handbag with and a scarf with similar colours. I firmly believe red and blue are a hot combo. I could say the same for green + yellow / purple + yellow / pink + green but it all comes down to personal preferences. If I am ever in doubt I just go all white.

I hope you found this helpful and will incorporate these tips when styling your white dresses. Feel free to share your thoughts.


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