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Spinach: A Juice and A Veggie

Happy New Year Everyone. Hope you are all geared up for 2020.

Trying to figure out how you will keep up with a healthy resolution? I have an idea, JUICING. It recently became one of my obsessions, not a new year resolution we go way back to 2019 lol (sounds like decades ago). I love a good juice, it’s easy to take down, less chewing and get to the intended place faster lol, hassle-free.

Here is how to get the most out of your juicing: juicing vegetables or fruits and use the pulp as either a veggie, in a smoothie or a sweetener.

500g spinach (2 apples and 150g blueberries to sweeten – the pulp was used to sweeten porridge oats). Click here or the picture to purchase this cold press Philips Masticasting Juicer from Amazon.

Let’s take Spinach for instance, packed with loads of nutrients, it is undeniably a go-to healthy leafy vegetable. These nutrients come with the leafy spinach as a whole so when you juice spinach you get the juice coming out on one end and the pulp / residue on the other end. Thus, splitting the nutrients, most of the fibre ends up in the pulp, this is good for our metabolism and we do not want to throw this away. Instead enjoy both, a glass or a jug (some of you always doing the most) of juice and a veg in either your pasta or sauce. This way its a win-win.

I have put together a video for you at the end of this post on juicing leafy spinach and using the leftover pulp to make a creamy spinach sauce.


  1. Spinach pulp (after juicing – 500g of leafy spinach). You will need a juicer.

  2. 2 cubes of cooking butter.

  3. 250g button mushrooms.

  4. 1 onion diced.

  5. Approx. 150ml of milk – more is optional.

  6. 2 tablespoons of plain flour.

  7. 100ml of double cream.

  8. Pinch of nutmeg.

  9. Parmesan cheese – optional

This can equally work with other veggie or fruit. For example, I have used apple pulp after juicing as a sweetener for porridge oats, it’s very tasty. Alternately use pulp in smoothies. It’s a win-win and no food is left to waste.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and get the most out of your juicing.. xoxo

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