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Shopperholics. Stop. Think. Look!

It’s Christmas period, everyone is high spirits. I swear, the amount of time I have been asked what I will be up to….. endless. If you never get the chance to go out and have a good time, this is the perfect time of the year to make that excuse and have a bit of fun. Unfortunately, if you are in the UK or anywhere cold right now, be ready to embrace the weather, it’s part of the package.

Before we go out, Hi Ladies, yes you. I will admit, I have the tendency to go online shopping once I hear party plans. I act like I do not have an ounce of clothing in my closet to look at first before I go shopping. And am not the only one, a lot of us do this all the time.

My fellow SHOPPERHOLICS. STOP. THINK & LOOK into your closet. There is something for you in there!!

I have put together for you all three inspo party outfits. The goal is for you to find similar styles and not necessarily the exact items. I will however put links of where I got each item. Please feel free to pair similar outfits with colours of your choice BUT black is always safe.

And if you cannot find something suitable in your closet or just hidden it from yourself, well done, you have atleast made an effort to look, so maybe shopping wouldn’t hurt nobody. xoxo

1. Bodycon

-The Only Fool’s Ruched Midi Dress in Cinnamon by NastyGirl

Body hugging, shows a lot of upper body fresh. You will need a good half bra if your breasts are abit and wear tights underneath the dress because the material is very thin, this is common with polyester dresses.

Perfect for dinner parties and nights out. Keep warm though.

2. Embroidery/Embellished

-Embroidered Viscose Dress by Monsoon. I bought this about 2-3 years ago so I will link an alternative dress. Lining underneath the viscose is polythene.

Very classy, comfortable, good girl kind of dress. Watch my YouTube video below to get all the details on this talk.

Perefct for family, professional and fancy dinners.

3. Sequin

-Pleated Sequin Midi Dress in Emerald Green by Lavish Alice.

Shoulder popping, party popper, leg showing. The perfectt fit. The sequin fits right into any party mode. Comfortable and hassle free on bra search. You can pull this off with a day to day basic bra.

Perfect with friends and loves ones outings.

I hope this will inspire you to look into your closet first before you go off clicking on those shopping sites. Get more details on my YouTube video below.

Merry Christmass to you all and a marvellous New Yea..XOXO

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