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One Shoe: Three Weddings

This time last year I was a bride-to-be and about to be legally married. He had just popped the question a few months back and of course I let it sink in and took baby steps towards wedding planning. By now the “he popped the question” honeymoon was over and I was ready to get into the nitty gritty of wedding prep. Exciting, anxious, stressful and good times for those about to embark on this journey.

The Shoe

Today am not talking about wedding prep but the one constant thing in all my three weddings apart from my other half of course. Yes – I got married three times… hmmm scratch that. I had three wedding ceremonies – I think this sounds much better. Legal, traditional and a white/church wedding. Normally, people will have one or two ceremonies (traditional and white – on the same day or different days). Our circumstances and choices just meant three ceremonies on different days.

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The constant thing in all three? SHOES. I wore the same shoe to all three ceremonies. It was never my intention but they were such a good fit (still are) and could not be bothered to spend on a Jimmy Choo or whatever wedding shoe aspirations people have. Also, my wedding dress pretty much covered them, so why get new shoes if people cannot even see them? (even after I changed into my party dress – it was party mode and I couldn’t care less about the shoes – they still rocked anyways)

Totally Legal at the local Town Hall.

I had my legal ceremony in London, followed my traditional in Malawi and back to London for the white/church wedding. So there was a lot of logistical expenses and to be honest, a shoe was the least of my concerns. In my head, it was long as am not walking barefoot lol. My friends say 2019 revolved around me – “ah ah Carol is it only you who has ever got married?”-speaking logistically- they definitely had to make all efforts to showup.

In Royal sight. Respecting the Tradition of our forefathers.

These shoes were a bargain, I picked them up at a Next outlet on a random shopping errand. I will just go ahead and say it, since you have may have been wondering how much they cost me. £10 yup, one zero, these shoes are probably the cheapest item I bought for my wedding. Am still rocking them today, to the clubs, dinner dates or when I have no idea what shoe to wear (they come in real handy, they are fit for my purposes).

So maybe you are a bride-to-be and thinking about what shoes to buy and what not. Your situation may not involve having three ceremonies but you may want to consider buying shoes that will be fit for your purpose – remember that depending on the length of your wedding dress, the shoes will be out of site (my train literally swept the whole borough – I should have billed the council). So do you want to spend a couple of £100’s on a shoe? probably not, YES if they are fit for your purpose and can of course afford the expense (remember wedding expenses do add up). In a nutshell, my sister, if you have never thought of buying a designer shoe before, should we start now?

Bridal shoes far from sight.


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