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Oat & Blueberry Pancakes


A healthy alternative to traditional pancakes. These are very light and incredibly delicious. They will have you asking fo more.


  1. 400ml of milk I used plant based Alpro Coconut and Almond milk (so yummy and flavoursome) .

  2. 1 cup of rolled oats.

  3. Handful blueberries roughly smashed with a folk.

  4. 2 Eggs at room temperature.

  5. Butter.

  6. Maple Syrup and Whole blueberriesto serve.

  7. Milled flaxseedoptional


  1. In a blender, add the rolled oats and milk of choice. The blender will give us a smooth paste from the rolled oats. You can add more milk if you want thinner and fluffy pancakes – this will make the consistency of the mix runny. I also added milled flaxseed – a personal choice which is loaded with omega-3 and protein.

  2. Pour in the blended wet mix in a bowl. Add the 2 eggs and hand whisk/mix.

  3. Add the smashed blueberries to the wet mix and mix.

  4. In a hot non-stick pan, add a small cube of cooking butter (you can use oil of your choice, I love the butter because it adds flavour).

  5. Add the mix in batches and cook till brown. Please cook at medium to low heat to avoid getting the pancakes burnt.

  6. Serve with maple syrup and whole blueberries.

  7. You may also want to serve the pancakes with peanut butter if you can spare more calories (thank me later). This is purely optional.

Enjoy xoxo

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