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How to Shop Quality for Less

I love shopping – it’s one of my therapeutic hobbies. Let’s get things clear though – if I cannot afford it, am not buying. Simply put, it’s a luxury not a necessity. However, when it comes to buying certain clothing pieces, quality is key and I find myself shopping from pricey fashion retailers. This is not because I just want to spend money but quality for certain items should not be compromised. For instance, there are fashion retailers I would not bother buying a corporate suit from because honestly I know it won’t last and will look cheap for a classy look. But I love me a very good bargain, which means I may not buy certain clothing until the price has gone down – am not spending more than £100 on a pair of pants NAH.

When winter arrives this smart JIGSAW military coat is a Must

I also want to buy classic pieces such as winter coats I can confidently wear for the next 4 seasons and lets just say that Everything5pounds won’t do it. Trust me, you are better off having one good quality clothing item than a cheap one that actually looks really cheap and prompts you to buy another.

So how do you buy all these high quality clothing at affordable prices? Here are a few tips you can take advantage of to upscale your wardrobe. My guilty pleasure retailers include Hobbs, Ted Baker, Jigsaw, JohnLewis, Reiss, Monsoon, Banana Republic, Wolf and Badger just to mention a few. I normally buy work dresses, smart pants, jackets and winter coats from there.


Buy end of season when retailers are clearing old stock. You can easily get 50% off bargains and if you are patient enough up to 70% off. It may slightly look old fashion or be out of season but trust me fashion is a cycle. My advise would be to buy pieces that are not specifically defined by a trend and have subtle colours (can easily be matched with pieces in your wardrobe). Most importantly, make sure you actually like the item – you can wear it longterm. Although these items will be on sale, you will still have to spend some coin and its worth it.

Loving these satin wide leg pants from TED BAKER

Work that Jacket from HOBBS


You maybe be able to get a good bargain if you buy used items. You can find these on Ebay, Depop, Vinted, Facebook Marketplace or your local charity shop. I find it useful when it comes to buying designer shoes or handbags. Some time back, I bought a second-hand Louis Vuitton handbag, used it for a year and was able to even sell it off because it is a quality brand. In 2015, I bought a winter coat from a charity shop for £25 and am glad to say that this coat is still my go-to during winter months.

This is such a classy look from REISS


Depending on where you work, your organisation’s benefits may include discounts on a variety of retailers. It’s usually up to 10% but it’s better than nothing. It could also be your family member’s workplace? why not ask them to purchase on your behalf? better than nothing right?

So elegant and more then half price from JOHN LEWIS

I think an evening gown is a must-have for every woman. This gorgeous dress from John Lewis is on sale at more than half price. From my experience, always have a standby dress in your closet, if you leave it to the last minute or wait for an event invitation to come through, you will be pressured to buy an expensive outfit. SHOP AMAZING SOME EVENING GOWNS HERE.


These Boden black croc boots at half price – perfect for fall transition. Shop here

You want to be the first to know when they have sales or special discounts before they run out of your favourite pieces or sizes. However, beware that for some brands, this may an invitation to spam your inbox lol – you can always unsubscribe if you can’t handle it.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Let me know your thoughts and how you find bargains on quality clothes.


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