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How to Create a DIY Jewellery Board

Do you have a collection of earrings? And tired of tidying up your jewellery box? Or you put your earrings away in your wonderful box and dont get to wear them often because out of sight is out of mind? If this is you, I feel your frustration. A jewellery board is what you need.

I have had a few jewellery boxes that sort of look cute and tidy the first days but overtime look messy. I guess this is because I have too many earrings and end up putting jewellery on top of each other which is definitely not a good look.

So am done with boxes, I made my own jewellery board using an old picture frame and recycled materials. Please watch my YouTube tutorial video here or below for a detailed illustration on how to make the board.

You will need the listed materials below. If you do not have them at hand, you can also get them on Amazon, I have provided affiliate links next to each of items.

  1. A picture frame of any size you prefer or cardboard – Buy from Amazon

  2. Packaging form – to cover the size of the frame or cardboard – Buy from Amazon

  3. Glue gun and glue sticks – Buy from Amazon

  4. Spray paint – optional – Buy from Amazon

  5. Piece of cloth (the size of the flame or cardboard)

  6. Measuring tape

  7. A piece of scissors

Hope you enjoy making your Jewellery Board.


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