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Freshen Up Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Most of us have already started to re-introduce seasonal pieces into our wardrobes as the temperatures drop. Or like me, rethinking your wardrobe and downsizing to make more space or having to get rid of clothes that look old or less appealing .

If you love your garments as much as I do, then you will agree that when they start to look old and very worn it can be frustrating and annoying. Most of us will resort to throwing or giving away our favourite pieces that look distressed. Overtime, our garments will start to pill off and form bobbles- also known as fuzzballs- tiny curled balls that stay on the garment as a result of friction (clothes rub against themselves while they are being worn). It's not a good look. So am excited to share with you a solution to these bobbles.

All you need is a Fabric Shaver - to shave off those tiny pieces of nuance. I learned of this little gem last year and I could not help it but share :)

It's perfect for reviving knits and coats as we enter the cold season.

They come in different brands which are linked below. (*Affiliate Links)

Here are more before and after photos of my garments that had bobbles on them.

I also shared a video on my Youtube channel. Check it out here


1. It transforms garments and give them a fresh look.
2. It is gentle and works on all types of clothing material - personally comes in handy for my knits, winter coats and even bras.
3. It is very easy to use and portable - perfect for pack and go.
4. Overall, it will enable you to achieve versatile styling over and over again while saving you money on new pieces - and this compliments our values here at Calycious_Loves.

Let's be honest, it won't make you garments look like they are completely new but the difference it makes cannot be missed. So far, this product does the job. I will be holding on to more of my knit wear and wool coats rather than giving them away.

Happy Fabric Shaving


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