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Finding the perfect pair of denim jeans for you can be cumbersome and sometimes stressful. Bearing in mind that everyone is different with different body-shape and fitting preferences, the tips shared in this blog post will help you find the right jeans for you.

Five ways to style a pair of jeans. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.

MY general rule to finding my perfect fit: If I cannot go anywhere without having a belt on, they are not my fit. I need my jeans to fit /hold me without a belt. For me, a belt is an accessory which should be optional. Below are general tips fit for all body types in finding a perfect fit.

  1. TYPE OF JEANS: Find the type of jeans that compliments your body and one you are comfortable in. There are different types of jeans out there including: skinny, boyfriend, straight, flared, bootcut high rise/high waist the list goes on. I prefer skinny high waist jeans and boyfriend jeans every now and then. If you are not sure, go out there (currently due to COVID-19, please shop online) try them on and see which you like (of course make sure you have the option to return).

  2. SHOP AROUND: Different retailers will have different sizing guidelines. Depending on their target audience, their measurements may come across bigger or small. So for example, a retailer whose target audience are millennials will have small sizing compared to a retailer targeting an older audience who prefer less fitted clothes. So shop around and see which retailer has you perfect or near perfect sizing. Target audiences can also determine quality.

  3. STYLE: Sometimes different styles from the same retailer can differ in sizing. For example, style A can fit perfectly in size 12 while style B in the same size 12 can be bigger or small. So remember to keep this in mind. I prefer stretchy skinny jeans compared to solid denim.

Using the above tips, you should be able to find you perfect size. Just remember that your size may differ from one retailer to another.

I hope you found this useful. Comment in the section below for your thoughts.


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