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Date Night: Tales of Lockdown

Candlelights Wine Restaurant Setting Indoors 👍🏾

After things started to get really serious with the coronavirus Covid-19, I remember requesting to work from home. I started WFH on a Wednesday, the 18th of March 2020. I love the London Underground but I just could not bare getting on it during this time. Let me acknowledge that I am very grateful for my situation, for some have to work the frontlines and put themselves at risk. Thanks to them.

Things got real when the UK Prime Minister announced measures for lockdown on 23rd of March 2020. Feelings? I think it was a mixed bag for me. Excited that I could sleep longer and be in my pyjamas all day and at the same time being scared of how the situation and pandemic will pan out.

It’s been a month and a week since then. A month of only being able to go to the stores only when necessary, going for one daily walk and praying that I don’t get any kind of illness or in need of medical attention. But they are certain things me and my husband miss such as going out to restaurants, clubs and visiting family. We love the occasional date nights; an excuse to dress up, dine out and get a couple of drinks.

Respecting the safety measures in place. We decided to turn it up a little and have a date night indoors last Saturday. The food, the dress up, the music, the lit candles except we did not leave the front door 😊

I will link items on Amazon that can help you put your date night together.

If you have never done date night at home, you should know it can be too much if you have not prepared your meals in advance. You have to make sure someone sets the table, brings the starters, clears the table and serve the mains. if you are going all in, you got to serve desserts too. OH man, ain’t it nice that we just have to sit pretty in restaurants and let the servers do all the work? You can find date night food recipes on my food page or HERE.

Click on the images below to add date night items to your shopping cart.

TO SET THE SCEEN, put together a playlist of your favourite music, I prefer R’n’B slow jams or jazz. Emulate you local or favourite restaurant the best you can. is it lit candles? table cloth?. Arrange the wine/water glasses and cutlery as they would in the restaurant. Are we dimming the lights? Yes. Dress code brings everything in full effect, you would not go to your favourite fancy or local restaurant in you pyjamas would you? let’s make an effort here.

For more date night dress ideas, shop my suggested looks HERE.

I believe date nights are for having a quality time with partners. To achieve this, prepare food in advance. This way you do not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in between meals especially if its a 3-course meal youse are dining.

For our date night, I prepared a cold starter in advance and had steak as a main. I seasoned the steak in advance and only have to spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the kitchen cooking it.

So maybe you may want to have you own date night? To lighten the mood a bit. Even though it looks as if social distancing measures may be relaxed soon, I doubt people will be confident over night to socialise outdoors. So go on, do something nice for yourselves.


Checkout my date night video on YouTube below.

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