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Collaboration in Lagos

Just returned from my trip to Nigeria. This was my second time going to this West African country (Africa is a continent). The first time I travelled to Nigeria, I went to Abuja and every time I talked about it, people would say ‘my dear, if you haven’t seen Lagos then you haven’t been to Nigeria’….. ouch.

This time I took it to Lagos, in fact all the way to the East of Nigeria, visited my husband’s village in Anambra State as well. So, it’s official now, I can proudly say I have been to Nigeria. I was there for a whole two weeks, just enough time to have a blast any longer than that wahala dey (too much drama).

I had the opportunity to Collab on some fashion pieces with my lovely sis and USA based lifestyle blogger Itoro, please be sure to check out her blog and Instagram and follow for lifestyle content. We put together three outfits giving classy and African vibes. Shout out to Adelopo Afolabi for the great shots, Rhally for the support and touchoferelu for the face beat (makeup).

African Art & Craft Market / African Print

Take me to Africa, the only way to my heart is by taking me to the market. Art and Crafts Market to be exact, I love love handmade African craft. It’s beautiful, original, unique and of course promotes local entrepreneurs.

We took it to Lekki Arts & Crafts Market where we fell in love with this stall selling hand crafted natural reed bags and mats. By the way, from my experience, you can barely get things done in Lagos without dashing (giving) someone money. Just so you know, we had to purchase an item each to take pictures in front of this stall. In fact, the market baba (chief/leader) was against us taking pictures at all without having to give him something, a norm across Lagos.

We incoporated the African Market theme with Shoulder Popping African prints. Talking about shoulders, check out my previous blog post on shoulder popping.

Ikoyi Link Bridge / Chic & Sassy

Taking shots on the famous Lekki – Ikoyi Link Bridge was quiet a challenge. It was rush hour and vehicles cannot stop on the bridge, we had to walk in these outfits to the bridge, it was windy, people stuck in traffic stared from their cars and passengers in mini trucks teased the photographer. But that’s the life of a blogger, if you want the shot, you just have to ignore what people think. I kept telling myself “this is not Malawi, no one knows you here, it doesn’t matter” lol. Following the fun experience, I would do it again.

Chic and Sassy was the Inspo behind the shirt dress. Talking about SASSY, taking these shots by the bridge was one bold move.

Nike Art Gallery / Urban Lifestyle

Taking shots at this location was as simple as just politely asking to take pictures. Of course we could only do this outside and not inside the Nike Art Gallery. If you are in Lagos and on the Island, I would recommend checking it out.

The collaboration for this look was inspired by Urban Lifestyle. Combining trendy looks from an African perspective and City chic… All African print lovers, you will agree that you can create any outfit fit for any occassion with African prints.

I hope you enjoyed reading and scrolling through the shots we took. Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will share all the details about my Nigerian trip and my Instagram for more shots.

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