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Autumn: Cover-Up and Own It

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It’s that time of the year when some of us give ourselves a break. A break from giving the legs a shave so very often and missing those pedicure appointments at the nail salon. Careful with those legs though ladies, if you love to wear sheer tights, whatever the colour, we can see through them :). It is not a good look at all, so maybe occasional breaks but don’t go all sabbatical lol.

Enough with my banter! I have put together three autumn looks for you all my lovely people. I wanted to create a look that can cater to all women regardless of body shape or fashion sense, I must say my style can come across as being all over the place really, I believe ‘FASHION IS HOW YOU FEEL AND NOT TRENDS’ and each day comes with a different feeling, I like to it switch up. I could bag it chic, formal, causal in a single week and sometimes there is no right way to describe it. I just own it, simple, and so can you.

Below are the looks I have put together. Hope you are inspired.

1. Cool

Paired this H&M turtle neck and balloon sleeve dress with frill ankle boots from Aldo to achieve a chic look. I highly recommend accessorising a dress like this with a high waist belt to give you some shape. This dress will keep you warm- THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT.

Adding to the look an oversized hoodie from River Island’s men section, casue we COOL like that.

You can alternatively pair with black block ankle boots if you are going to do a lot of walking 🙂

2. Formal / Bossy

Blazered it up with a knitted turtle neck for warmth. The black pleated skirt from Zara needs to be paired with tights. Black block heel boots from Aldo for any day outfit (can be paired with the cool outfit).

I love this look because it fits multiple settings. Own to work, own it to Uni, own to church and own it anywhere! Because, why not. Like the first look, it is not body shape restrictive.

Accesorized with a headband, optional.

3. Basic

Jumper from Matalan, wearing a long sleeve top inside for warmth. High waisted Jamie jeans from Topshop, these are fitting but you can pair with jeans of your choice xx.

Knits and Jeans, from running errands, meeting up with the girls, uni or even work (depends the sector you are in) simple and basic look. Easy to put together. You can pair it with a long sleeve top inside the jumper for warmth and flat ankle boots as seen in ther picture (these are from Jone Bootmaker).

Accessorized with a beret, optional.

I hope you love these looks. Let me know if you would style any of these differently. xoxo

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