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African Wrapper: A Versatile Fashion Piece

African Wrapper – 5 versatile fashionable styles

In my last post I talked about African wrappers – clothing made of wax print and about 2-metres in length commonly used by women on the African continent to tie around their waist.

African wrappers are a canvas that should be used creatively, you can do a lot with this piece of clothing if you put your mind to it. My last post shared a few ways in which it can be used.

For fashion lovers, this piece of clothing can be transformed into a fashion statement/s. It can be styled in different outfits – and if you take your time to nip away the excess clothing, no one can tell that you are wearing a wrapper, just wait for the compliments 😉. I have put together a video tutorial on how to style the African wrapper in 5 different ways on my YouTube channel, do make sure to check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. I will also embed it below.

If you have an African wrapper, maybe its time to get creative? take a little break from tailored outfits? Go through the slideshow for styling INSPO.



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