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A Discounted Wedding Dress That Won’t Leave A Hole in Your Pocket! Selfa Bridal Review.

My dream wedding dress…. I imagined myself walking down the aisle in a body hugging mermaid dress with the longest train my guests would have ever seen lol – maybe not. Hand sewn beads and lace to detail, a lower back and a hidden cleavage that would later go on display during reception (got to cover up in church y’all). It was perfect.

But nooo, I woke up from this dream and realised that my dream dress was going to cost me a meal for half of my guests. No, I was not going to do that to my people, food is key at a wedding. I had given up on this dream wedding dress that I was only going to wear once in my life and then keep in my garage. At the moment, am yet to gather all my strength to take it out of there (garage).

After some soul searching and with the help of our famous Uncle Google, I came across Selfa Bridal on you can also find them on Facebook. I was relieved, my dream wedding dress would become a reality after all, their dresses are very affordable. Selfa Bridal are custom wedding dress and evening wear specialists based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Don’t worry, they ship world wide. All their dresses are made to measure, you can make your own design or choose from their beautiful catalogue. Their dresses range from $300 to $1,500 (approx £235 to £1,170), trust me, it cannot get better than this. And the best part? Selfa Bridal is giving 20% off on all orders between 1 March 2020 to 30 April 2020. Valentine’s just happened, brides-to-be catch this offer before it goes.

Share discounted URL with family and friends.

Ok, so let us get into the nitty gritty of getting your dream wedding dress. Since Selfa Bridal is based in Vietnam, achieving you dream dress is going to be an online process. They aim to deliver your dress anywhere in the world within 2 to 3 months after full payment or partial deposit. This time may be less or more depending on the design of your dress.

  1. I reached out directly to the shop on Etsy – I wanted a custom design. They have some designs on their shop for your perusal but I knew what I wanted.

  2. Hannah was very swift in responding and confirmed Selfa Bridal could make the dress.

  3. We discussed the details of the dress such as the length, fabric, lace and colours, you name it. I sent pictures of the design. This was the dress, so had to make sure I sent every detail.

  4. I was given a quotation. This is where you flag up your discount code ladies – CL2020BRIDE to get 20% off your order or use discounted url .

  5. I had the option to pay in full or 50% deposit + shipping fee (DHL – secure about £60). Dress making was put in motion once payment was confirmed. I made payment via PAYPAL – this is secure, you may want to read Paypal’s policy on Buyer Protection.

  6. I was requested to send detailed measurements – they will send you a guide on how to take these measurements. Please use a professional seamstress to assist you with this.

  7. Before completing the dress, I was asked to send another set of measurements – just in case your girl here got that flat tummy after all lol

  8. I was sent pictures of the dress to confirm I was happy with how it looked.

  9. Dress was shipped to me via DHL – this took no more than 5 working days.

  10. When I put it on, dress fit like a glove. A perfect fit.

  11. This whole process took about 3 months – this may take longer with specific instructions, there was a lot of correspondence going on I had to make sure they had all the details and I asked a lot of questions. Hannah was very helpful.

  1. Get in touch at least 6 months before your wedding date. You do not want to rush the process. Keep in mind that Selfa is based overseas so once your dress has been shipped, any adjustments will have to be done with a local seamstress and they may not come cheap ££££.

  2. Get a professional seamstress who works with wedding dresses to get detailed measurements of you. This is the dress, we do not want it too tight or too loose. They will also be able to advise on the appropriate length of your dress.

  3. Before they ship dress to you, remind them to send dress as gift. Less hustle with customs or at least reduce the value of it. Either way, the total costs will be lower than high street or famous brand wedding dresses.

  4. Do not be afraid to ask questions – you are paying for the service and this is your wedding dress.

  5. If you don’t ask, you don’t get – they may be able to throw in a veil or even a bridal headband if you ask 😉.

  6. Read other former bride’s experience /reviews on Etsy or Facebook to help you to make an informed decision. Do not forget to leave them a review if you make a purchase- this will hopefully help another bride-to-be decide to engage Selfa and save money just like you did.

  7. I would highly recommend Selfa Bridal, after all they made my dress and I was very happy with. It is very is to be skeptical about overseas dressmakers – do not be afraid. I personally was not disappointed at all.

That’s it from me ladies, I hope you found these tips very helpful. Feel free to leave comments or questions in the comment section below or alternatively contact Selfa Bridal directly. Happy Dress Shopping.


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