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Tilapia Fish Stew

Serves 4 people – Approx 1 hour cooking time.

This dish reminds me of Chambo. Chambo is a Tilapia fish from the fresh waters of Lake Malawi and endemic to the country. It is a delicacy in its self.

I got the Tilapia fish in these images from the fish mongers in London – fish grown in a farm and not a lake. So if you have had fresh water Tilapia – you will agree with me / know that nothing else comes close to its distinctive taste – very tasty.

I have recreated a recipe I saw my mothers and aunties used when I was growing up in Malawi, Africa. Back then, tomato, onion and oil did the trick – but I am a bit extra here 🙂


  1. 2 Tilapia fish

  2. 1 tin tomato

  3. 1 onion bulb

  4. 2 garlic cloves

  5. Thumb size fresh ginger

  6. 2 spoons of chopped fresh parsley

  7. Cooking oil for frying the fish

  8. 2 maggi seasoning cubes (or 1 vegetable stock cubes)


When buying your fish, ask your fishmonger to cut the fish into 3-4 pieces after cleaning. This saves you time when you get home. At home, rinse the fish and leave to drain the blood. I would recommend a sprinkle of salt to make this quicker. Also pierce the eyes of the fish and leave it to sit in the fridge for at least 5 hours. This will all together prevent hot oil explosions. [I remember in my younger days, we would fry 2 metres away during the eye explosion 🤣]. Frying should take 30-40 minutes or more depending on quantity. Alternatively cook in the oven.

Cooking Method

  1. Fry the fish in batches to avoid oil temperature dropping. After the fish is fried, put aside.

  2. Together blend the tomato, ginger, onion and parsley.

  3. In a cooking pan, heat 100ml of cooking oil and add the blend.

  4. Add the maggi seasoning cubes and let it come to a boil – simmer for 15 minutes.

  5. Add the fried fish and simmer for another 10 minutes.



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