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These Are The Stripes For This Season

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Stripes are timeless, stripe patterns will take you from season to season and able multiple styling. That is why I believe this is the best time to get hold of this classic piece while they are in right now. Almost every retailer I have come across has striped knit jumpers with the autumn/winter season.

Here at we are all about making our wardrobes work for us and not the other way round, and a striped knitted jumper will do just that - work for you. This versatile piece is easy to style say jeans with sandals or dress with boots, perfect casual or in a professional setting. I personally go for horizontal stripes also known as nautical stripes for knitted jumpers.

Here am wearing a classic Tommy Hilfiger knitted jumper that's 8 years old - in honesty, I borrowed it from Hubby's wardrobe about 2 years ago and has never returned since.

I have curated a few stripe knitted jumpers that will surely last seasons if well taken care of.

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