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Mother’s Day 2021 UK: A Gift Guide

Mother’s Day, the 14th of March 2021, is almost upon us and even though my birth mother is in Malawi where the day is celebrated on 15 October, I will be celebrating this holiday with all my mother figures in the UK (of course via WhatsApp and phone calls). Who says only having children gives mother status? No One. Anyone who holds a mother figure position in someone’s life can be celebrated on this day, just like my younger brother who see’s me as a mother figure – Yeah am just waiting for him to get a real nice job so I can fully exercise this holiday lol.

Ok now let’s talk gifts. Am thinking ‘nice’, ‘thoughtful’, ‘awww’ and genuine ‘thank yous’.


Nothing beats a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day – a good reminder to them every day they are on display of how much you care :). Unfortunately, flesh flowers have an end date so why not try a luxe dried bouquet. John Lewis have the perfect bunch – they will be on display for a long time.

And if this is the first time buying them flowers – be nice and get a vase to go with it. Shop vases under £15 here.


Loungewear has been the wardrobe staple since Covid19. And with the hope of things getting back to normal very soon, most of us are going to continue working from home or up-styling all the lounge sets we have piled up. Reiss has a good collection, check them out.

Try to buy lounge sets that are neutral in colours with no or less prints- think white, beige, grey or pastels as this will be easier for them to style.


An oldie but always a goodie. When I think fragrance the first thing that comes to my mind is my mother. The first Eau de Parfum I had ever sprayed was from her collection – the Estée Lauder Pleasures will always be associated with this memory.

My advise is to stick to what they like – for example my in-law is head over heels for Estée Lauder Beautiful so we stick to that. As simple as that. Whenever I get my mother a new fragrance she appreciates it but later hints you with names of a perfume she likes – funny.

If they do not have a favourite, I would say stick to the Eau de Parfums – they last longer.


Age is just a number, restock their skincare products to keep the routine going. Am not a skincare expert let alone to give some basic skincare advise on this but this is a gift that would be appreciated by a mum who’s into skincare. Like the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, I have heard only good things. Surprise them – this is for all ages.

Check out a few more skincare products here.

Hamper Package

Nothing beats a good hamper package, its exciting and always bound to ind something in there that you really like. This Wellness Hamper from The White Company is a winner. Its is the closest mum will get to a spa dat – we all long for that no doubt.

And most importantly check in as often as you can they are only a phone call/text message away, that will always be the best gift.


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