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Make Your Own Personalised Décor Using [Recycled] Wine Bottle/s

I made this personalised décor for Valentine’s using empty wine bottles. I was inspired by similar décor I saw in a restaurant I went to last year. It had the words HOME on it, and I thought it was really cute and wanted to recreate it using the words LOVE. You can use different words that you like or names of your loved ones. The colours used are also a personal preference

Decor Idea: This is how I personalised the bottles. You can use any words or colours that you prefer. The number of bottles needed will depend on a chosen word.

I love me some good wine every now and then and I have been keeping my empty bottles. I actually have a few lying around for a similar project if need be. I don’t throw away my wine / champagne bottles any more.

So the amount of bottles you will need depends on how many letters your chosen word/s have. I have uploaded a video on YouTube and below for an easy tutorial [sometimes it’s easier when you watch].

WHAT I USED & where I bought them

  1. Wine bottles x 4 (Recycled)

  2. Glue gun – (Hobby Craft)

  3. Glue sticks (Poundland)

  4. A pair of scissors (Hobby Craft)

  5. Card paper (Hobby Craft)

  6. Knitting wool – White (Poundland), Red (Online Store – they did not have this red colour in Poundland)

  7. Paper cutting machine – optional. I used the Brother Scan and Cut (eBay)


Basically, wrap the wool around the bottle from the lid going down to the base. Glue the wool to the lid first to secure it and go round the bottle afterwards. You do not need to glue the wool all the way going down but would advise to glue the wool to the bottle when the bottle starts to change shape as the wool may slip if not secured. I used the burgundy style bottle – please see the video for illustration. Once you get to the base of the bottle, glue to secure.

You can use this inspiration to decorate your house, rooms, events and wherever you fancy.

Press Play.


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