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Raving About This DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Imagine drinking fresh ground coffee and getting a body scrub out it. It's cheap, in fact free, natural and chemical free and quick to make. Easy peasy hassle free.

I discovered the coffee body scrub after coming across a coffee body scrub on Amazon for exfoliation and that particularly targeted cellulite. It felt and smelled so good but was really oily which is one thing I dislike about most scrubs. I used it up until I thought to myself 'hold up', I have ground coffee and always throw away the granules after drink it.

It's been close to 2 months now I have been using ground coffee granules as a body scrub and its great for my skin. Your basically just need two things: ground coffee and a coffee presser which I got from Amazon (linked below) and of course water and a kettle :).

1. Ground coffee, I prefer organic but it's entirely up to you to get regular coffee.

So basically after drinking my coffee, I just use the remaining granules as a body scrub, fresh out the presser. I add nothing to the scrub and do not store any away, I only use the coffee for that day. Drinking coffee 2-3 times a week for me is perfect, those are the days I scrub. After scrubbing, you will notice that the heat created during scrubbing produces some oils from the coffee, thus I would not recommend adding any other essential oils to the scrub.


Why Scrub?
  • It's great for exfoliation, our body is constantly going through growth and you need to make room for new skin by removing dead skin.

  • It helps with blood circulation, the pressure caused by the scrub particles improves circulation.

  • Coffee scrub is believed to target cellulite - cellulite does not like caffeine.

  • Improves skin texture, looking more fresh, healthy and firmer.

  • It also helps with hair ingrowns.

How to Use Coffee Scrub
  • After drinking your coffee, put the remaining ground granules in a jar/plate you can take to you bath/shower

  • I recommend showering as normal with you body wash/soap to soften your skin.

  • Then use the ground coffee granules to scrub in a gentle circular motion - do not use too much pressure to avoid inflammation.

  • FOR CELLULITE- focus on scrubbing the target areas which are usually thighs.

Happy Scrubbing


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