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This blog post is not for those that wake up on the 24th of December and realised they have not done their Christmas shopping, NADA.

This is for those that have woken up 3-5 days before Christmas. Thank me later. I have found 5 last minute gifts from Amazon that will be delivered just in time for Christmas.

LEFT IT TO THE VERY LAST MINUTE? TRY AMAZON PRIME – You might just get lucky. The gifts below are guaranteed for delivery if ordered by 19 December 2020 and shipped to the UK.

As most celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ aT Christmas, we also think of the 3 wise men and their gifts. In this spirit of giving, it only seems right to give (a present) to our family and friends.

When it comes to gifting, I generally have 4 rules: give something they will WANT; NEED; WEAR; or READ. Trust me they will love it.


BUY An Amazon Gift Card HERE

Sometimes, it’s not easy to give the perfect gift. So whenever, you are in doubt get a gift card which will allow your loved recipient the opportunity to get what they want. And no other place has more variety than Amazon – they may get that book they have been longing to read :). Their GIFT CARDS range from £15 -£1000. Perfect for HE/HER.


Buy the Oral-B Braun Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush HERE

Perfect for a HE/HER. For someone who does not like to buy toothbrushes every now and then, or maybe they are taking their dental health to another level? I swear by this electric toothbrush, I mean I have owned one for 3 years now. So long to a new toothbrush every 3 months and straining a muscle when brushing. This is smooth baby. No batteries required, travel friendly, gum friendly. It has several brushing options that will make you go wow, including one for your tongue. And to top that, it comes with bluetooth, download the app so you can keep track of your brushing ooooh Fancy.

Want to get a set of 2? BUY IT HERE

You can also get a set of two with the Genius 9900 if you want to go matchy matchy with your better half – this actually comes in cheaper than buying two separately.


Buy the silver Citizen Eco-Drive Watch HERE

Also known as light powered watches, a stainless steel Citizen Eco-Drive is the one. Worrying about watch batteries is soooo way back. Get this perfect gift for her so that every time she looks at the time she thinks of you. How cool is that? For all my die hard romantics, this is for you *wink wink*. I own a Citizen Eco-Drive watch, I recommend this without a doubt. My husband recommended and helped me pick mine and now he won’t stop boasting about his good taste lol. It’s definitely a winner. Below are more colour options.



Click HERE to buy the Agent Provocateur Eau De Parfum Set

Who doesn’t love smelling nice? one of the first things people will notice when you meet them is your scent. So make sure your loved one always makes a good impression and that they think of you every time they spray it or are given a compliment. But there is one catch, if you want to try a new fragrance they don’t have or your are not sure, get them miniature perfumes this way they are not stuck with one scent worth of 50ml/100ml that they absolutely dislike. More miniature options below, click on each picture to purchase.


Get the Magimix 11628 Power Blender HERE

For blending lovers: juicers; smoothie lovers; soup lovers or tomato blending for that special sauce, this is for them. I do not have this blender but it is on my personal Christmas wishlist, so if you are thinking of me *wink* (thank you). I do, however, have a sister friend who owns one just exactly as this and can I just say that its the most effective blender I have ever used – hence on my wishlist. This is for all my smoothies that will no longer have lumps in them and I will not have to shake the blender left right and centre just to have everything blended. This is the perfect kitchen gift. Perfect for both HE/HER.

Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting.


Notice: All links are affiliate.

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