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Hello African Print Lovers,

The African wax print, also well known as Ankara is a fashion trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon, but some times looking good in African print tailored outfits requires sacrifices. We have to deal with less flexibility and comfortability.This is particular for my fellow ladies that like to get SNATCHED [body hugging / fitted / tight clothing].

How low can you go with your outfit on?

I remember some years back, I was invited to an African event in London and no doubt I had to represent the Motherland the SNATCHED way. The struggle started from putting on the clothes to taking them off. Ladies, when I say the struggle is real, it is real. I struggled to get into the car, walk up the stairs and sometimes seating down gave me a scare.

These prints are usually not stretchy material, so if you want it real snatched, there is very little room to manoeuvre.

Here are a few tips you may want to consider if you want a snatched look.

*First Things First: When you take your fabric to the designer/tailor, ask them to insert a longer zip. This helps when putting on the outfit so it does not feel like you are forcing yourself into it.

*Try it on: Please try the outfit in advance before your final fitting as you go out. We do not want last minute wardrobe malfunctions. The important thing is mastering how to put it on without damage [This is the rick].

*Practice: Practice seating down or dancing [if your going to a party] at home. Ladies, we definitely do not want an extra unhemmed slit or a hole somewhere exclusive😉whilst on the dance floor.

*Shoes: If you are going out, are you walking there? taking the train? or driving? Depending on the style of the outfit, your strides may be affected. Thus, if you are walking, you may want to start off well in advance. If I am in heels, I take a pair of sandals/flats {its much quicker to walk in these}.

I hope these tips come in handy for you.

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