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Egg Beetroot Cheese Sandwich

This is one of those “what’s in my fridge” recipe. You wake up on a Saturday morning, have coffee and you get asked, “what are we eating?” lol and you realise you weren’t even thinking about food. So here is a recipe to a EBC (egg, beetroot and cheese) sandwich I made impromptu, its very delicious and I definitely surprised myself. Maybe you could try this for breakfast or brunch?

It is key to use the goat cheese, it compliments the the beetroot very well.


  1. In one bowl, whisky the eggs. In one frying pan, fry the eggs as a wrap. After cooking, divide into two portions.

  2. Slice the beetroot into medium round sizes.

  3. Slice the cheese.

  4. On the two slices of toasted bread, layer the egg, the sliced beetroot and top with the sliced goat cheese.

  5. Top with the remaining two bread slice and cut the sandwich into two.

Enjoy over breakfast or brunch.


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