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DIY Jewellery Box - ZERO costs

Tired of having you jewellery all over the place and mixed up? Do you find yourself going through a hip of earrings to find that other one pair? Say goodbye to those days because you can make your own jewellery box in the comfort of your home and at ZERO the costs. A jewellery box will allow you to neatly organise your jewellery, for me it comes in handy for my earrings. I can quickly pick out a pair of earrings without the hassle.

You will need the following materials......

To achieve your own DIY jewellery box, you will need a box that has a cover. Gift boxes work perfectly fine. Polystyrene foam sheets, these can be recycled from old packaging. If you buy goods online, some are bound to be packed in soft protective foam - e.g bulbs, cameras or breakable items. The foam will hold the earring hooks in place when in the box. If you do not have the foam, this can be purchased on AMAZON. Hot glue stick and a glue gun for glueing. You will also need a pair of scissors should you need to cut the foam to fit in your chosen box.

All you need to do it glue the foam sheets inside the box, you can double up the sheets if the box is very deep. Cut the sheets to fit into the box if need be. Now arrange your earrings as you wish by inserting the earring hook in the sheet foams. Cover the box and pack away or open in sight. One thing is guaranteed, organised jewellery.


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