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Boosting My Immune System: Building Resilience

When I was a little girl, I always made sure my parents bought me Fanta and crisps (potato chips) when I fell ill. Back in the day, a hospital visit and an injection on the butt was always guaranteed and I always made sure I did not go through all that without even a Fanta.. No Way

Adulthood comes with self care and buying your own Fanta lol. And this has meant me eating the right foods and making sure my immune system is strong and able to fight off infections – I am not a firm believer of processed supplements/vitamin tablets – not yet. I will be sharing some of my favourite foods/fruits that keep my body resilient from common colds/fevers. I am not saying you will never get sick or have colds, these foods will just help you manage and fight the infections quicker.

  1. LEMON

lemon infused water – mint leaves for a refreshing flavour.

Loaded with Vitamin C, this is my goal to citrus fruit. Probably not a number 1 favourite of mine but it comes in very hand, easily affordable and accessible. You can pretty much find it in any supermarket. I add this to my black tea (yummy), warm or cold water and perfect infuser for flavoured water. I also add it to my juices for that zing. It also has cleansing properties so if you are on a diet or cleanse routine, always consider lemons. Check out how I use lemons in my previous post Go To Healthy Hot/Warm Drinks.


My favourite, most people’s least favourite. Call me selfish but I always know I am the only one who will eat this fruit in the house. I really do not have a good argument to love this fruit apart from the fact that it is loaded with Vitamin C – overlook the sourness lol.

Usually have my grapefruit in the mornings as part of breakfast or for snacking.


My favourite root vegetable, a shot to my juices, grated in my home-made cold remedies, flavour to my cooking and infused in my drinking water. You cannot go wrong with this one, it’s usually the first thing we think about when we have the common flu. Check out its benefits here.


I love snacking, a lot. Yogurt does it for me, helps me reduce the calorie intake. I buy my yogurt is small tabs rather than large containers, this is easier for my portioning and for to-go to work. I get natural yogurt, commonly known as the greek yogurt, the flavoured one are loaded with sugar. Natural yogurt for vitamin D and boosts your body defence system.

Greek or Natural.


I like to add to my yogurt as a sweetener.

Love them in my smoothies and as a sweetener in my natural yogurt. I prefer buy frozen for a longer shelf line. A good source of fibre, vitamin C and low in cholesterol.


Love it fresh, this root vegetable is not always easy to find. I find the perfect ones in Waitrose, the ones on the high street shops just look sad to be honest lol. I take a shot (just to get it over with to be honest, it does not have the greatest taste). It has inflammatory properties. Beware of it colouring properties, my juicer looks somehow orangey.


Am sure most of us use this root on a day-to-day basis for flavour without paying too much attention to its benefits. Apart from adding garlic to my food, I also use it in my home-made concoctions for colds and as a shot to my juices. It has immune system boosting properties and fights off infections. My mother is always asking me to mashup a garlic concoction every time I tell her am not feeling well lol.

Am pretty sure you take most or some of these foods as part of your daily routine, and just in case you did not know their benefits, now you know. In case you do not have any of these as part of your healthy/balanced diet, why not incorporate one or two?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully you have learnt something new. Like, Share and Press The FOLLOW Button, thank you😊. 


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