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Bigger Polka Dot Dresses or Go Home!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

For an effortless look, polka dots got you covered no matter the season. This all-time classic and favourite print style for many ranges from monochrome looks to bold beautiful colours perfect for the summer time. To top it off, they come in different styles.

In this recent lovely British weather, they definitely got you covered.

BUT, We Go Bigger

I cannot fault polka dots, in my opinion they are a wardrobe staple. Although, recently I have been more attracted to bigger dots (not colour specific) following a photoshoot I had with family. You can tell from the picture above that the bigger dots pop out and draw more attention. They are opinions that bigger dots can make you look bigger in size, hmmm I think sometimes you need to try out things for yourself and see how they fit firs; if you love it, not offending the general public and are comfortable in it, I see no other reason as to why you should not wear a piece of clothing.

How Big the Dots?- at least the size of a £1 coin or coca-cola bottle cover :).

If you are in doubt, why not for both? shop pieces that have different size of dots.

STYLE Polka Dot Dresses with:

  1. Throw in a pair of sandals for a look fit for the beach or the family summer BBQ;

  2. Pair with heeled sandals for brunch with the girls; and

  3. Flat pumps or court heels for the office.

I have personally curated some lovely polka dresses that are in this season. Shop by clicking the items below.

Stay Stylish


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